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This site has affiliate links, but I work hard to minimize their use so they don’t intrude on the usefulness of the content. They are used at the very end of a review, and not within the content of the review itself.

Links within the content of reviews are intended to enhance the article and provide links to manufacturer specifications, and additional supporting information.

What Are Affiliate Links?

An affiliate link is a vendor link that allows me to receive a small commission when you click on it and make a purchase. There is no additional cost to you for using them.

How I Use Them?

At the end of each review, there are vendor links with pricing. At the time I write the review, I try to find the best prices available for the item. The majority of vendor links at the end of reviews are not affiliate links.

Where I Use Them?

Affiliate links are only found at the end of reviews. Banners for affiliate partners can also be found HERE, on their own page.

Why I Use Them?

Affiliate links have the potential to generate a small amount of revenue for the site. Currently, profit generated will be used for several purposes.

  • Cover running the site (Hosting fees, WordPress Tools, Website Development, etc.)
  • National Trail System Donations – More on this can be found HERE under “Contributions.”
  • Purchasing Gear to Review – I currently purchase gear for review, and sell it in the store for a reduced cost after I review it.
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