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Appalachian Trail – Overview

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Appalachian Trail In a Nutshell

  • The trail stretches across 14 states. It begins in Georgia and ends in Maine, with a quarter of it passing through “The Long Green Tunnel” (Virginia).
  • Elevation gain on the trail equates to climbing Mt. Everest 16 times. Mt. Everest is approximately 29,035 feet.
  • The trail opened in 1937, but a continuous hike was not completed until 1948 by Earl Shaffer.
  • Most hikers take 5 – 6 months to complete the trail, but Joe “String bean” McConaughy complete the trail in 45 days in 2018.
  • Nicknames or trail names are common along the trail. If you don’t start with a trail name, it probably won’t be long until one claims you!
  • The Appalachian Mountain Range is considered one of the oldest on the planet.
  • Clingman’s Dome in Tennessee is the highest point @ 6,644 feet
  • There are approximately 80 hostels along the Appalachian Trail, with an updated list found here.