Appalachian Trail


I always tell people that the AT is tough but fun.  If you decide to hike the whole trail in one shot, expect the following…

  • 2,190 miles of walking
  • 494,000 feet of elevation gain and loss
  • Approximately 78 hostels
  • About 260 shelters
  • Lots of “Trail Magic”
  •  4,500 fellow starters, and about 26% of those ending – at least you would have in 2018
  •  Vicious, flesh eating black flies – if starting southbound in June
  • Snow and temps. below freezing – if starting northbound in March/April
  • Some years rain – lots of rain
  • Friends you will have for life
  • Experiences you will never forget, and a few new perspectives
  • An appetite that will be tough to contain – even after the hike is over
  • A new appreciation for DEET
  • Shattering of the five second rule
  • A heightened tolerance for pain

I could keep going on and on.  The AT is a pretty incredible trail.  It brings all types of people together in a microcosm of extremes, and what goes in is never what comes out.

There are a LOT of resources provided for most of the trails, and the Appalachian Trail (AT) is no exception.  When I first began hiking the AT, I used a resource by Dan Bruce, affectionately referred to as “Wingnut.”  He also had a popular forum at the time “”  He was a quirky character, and as many users on his forum, as he kicked off it.