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The Backpacking Food Store is finally being built for Average Hiker! These sections include foods that I have eaten while hiking and backpacking over the years, and over the next few weeks I’ll be adding many more items.

Check out the links below for the Store Sections, or go directly to Store in the navigation menu on the any page.




Backpacking Food Store Goals

I have a few goals with this section.

  • Suggest food ideas that I have tried and give a thumbs up
  • Discover new foods and meals
  • Provide a heads up on any sales. Dehydrated and freeze dried food is expensive!
  • Offer ideas, tips, recipes and reviews (Check out the item descriptions for these in the future.)
  • Hopefully get feedback in each items “Review” section so other hikers and backpackers can get some insight before purchasing.

The hope with these foods is that you come away with some new ideas and value. You can also check out my post “Favorite Backpacking Foods.” This post provides more detail on my favorites, and even has a running ranking list download, so you can see what I like and don’t like as I eat my way through all 11,879 meals on the market (kidding – kind of).

Don’t forget to also check out my review on “Backcountry Foodie” if you like to create your own nutritious foods that taste great and keep your pack weight low.

A heads up, since I appreciate transparency. I use affiliate links on some items. There are items that have them and items that do not. Many small cottage manufacturers like Stowaway, Outdoor H., etc., don’t use these programs, but they are some of my favorite meals. I’ve listed them all!

Finally, check back for food updates, or Subscribe to the monthly newsletter at the bottom of this page. I’ll provide updates on new food and meals as I try them and add them to the store. You can also subscribe to new posts in the upper right hand section of this page.

I appreciate everyone’s support, and look forward to your feedback.

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