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Appalachian Trail

maine camp white house

White House Landing

July 30, 2013

It had rained some overnight, but I stayed snug and dry in my Z-Pack tarp.  I had a tall version, and I fit in it perfectly.  It was a little tight with my gear, but I kept most of it down by my feet.  Since the pack pushed against the side of the tarp, I put my rain jacket over the pack to keep off the back splash that had a tendency to bounce up from the ground, and underneath the edges of the tarp.  I’m proud to say my ULA Ohm pack is small enough to tuck under my jacket, although I’m not sure if I really have bragging rights since I have an x-large Marmot rain jacket.

A quick word about my tarp, other than it is awesome.  I like the Z-Pack cuben fiber tarps for a lot of reasons – they are light, easy to pitch, but mostly they shed water like a duck.  I shake them hard and most of the water just sprays right off, unlike the nylon tents.  Nylon seems to absorb the moisture more than cuben fiber.  Cuben fiber also dries much more quickly in the sun, and I always stop at the first splash of sunbeams, both to eat, and to dry out gear left wet from overnight rain or condensation.Read More »White House Landing