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Cleaning Out My Closet! | Average Hiker

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Cleaning out my closet and organizing my gear is my least favorite task, and it’s not because I’m all that lazy. I think I honestly believe I am going to use it all at some point – even that 5 pound Dana Designs Backpack from 1998! Doesn’t someone want to go hiking with me?!!

I don’t know, maybe I really believe I’m going to start a store, guide business, or that my entire family is going to join me for a hike. Delusion is tough to overcome, and it is just so hard to let go.

If anyone is interested in a 1998 Dana Designs Pack, or a 1997 Clip Flashlight tent, just shoot me a note. I can also put together a complete starter pack with gear from the 90’s for you!

Below is a quick peak, or you can go check out the STORE. Feel free to email me direct at averagehiker@gmail.com with any questions. Thank you!

Osprey Kyte 36 Backpack$65Brand New w/Tags!
Osprey Aura 65L Backpack$75Never Used!
Grivel Air Tech Crampons$40Never Used!
LEKI Hiking Poles$40Brand New w/Tags!
Grivel Air Tech Ice Ax$30Never Used!
Garmin Oregon 450t gps$30Barely Used!
Big A Fly Creek Tent UL 3P$175Never Used and won’t beat this price!
Thermolite Reactor Liner$15Never Used!
* Check Store and pricing for details on shipping and year manufactured.
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