Why Average Hiker?

Because after 35 years of hiking and backpacking, and thousands of miles of long-distance hiking, I’ve settled somewhere in the middle.

I want to keep hiking for thousands of more miles, so I pay attention to nutrition and keep my gear light while not forgetting that backpacking is supposed to be fun.

This website shares what I’ve learned and am still learning – the good and the occasional debacles. Thanks for checking out AverageHiker.com.

Average Hiker Starting the NPT
Ellie in hiking in the Canyonlands

A Woman Backpacking Solo

Using my intuition to hike safely

Where to Start?

Backpacking – Where Do I Start?

Most Recent Gear List

Gear I Used on my Last Trip

My Story

I remember going into my Aunt’s room as a child so I could see her hard leather hiking boots. Slowly opening the closet door I would peek in and imagine what it must be like to hike the Appalachian Trail. I was hooked from a very early age.

Forty-five years later and I’ve never looked back. I literally ran to the Appalachian Trail after college, and then the PCT, CDT – some more than once.

In between the trails, life happened, but the trails were always my constant. I still grab my pack and head for the hills every chance I get.