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Support this Site

There are several ways to support this website.

  1. Used Gear – Next time you need a piece of gear, check my store. Most of this gear is very lightly used. I purchase equipment, test it, mark it down 15% – 20%, and list it in the store. It’s constantly changing.
  2. Affiliate Links – I receive a commission for the purchase when you click on these links. There is no additional cost to you. Vendors include affiliate money in their prices. If you use an affiliate link, then I get a small commission, and if you don’t, they keep it. The links are in some articles, but not all of them.
  3. Banner Ads – These are not my favorite, so I keep them all on one page. They are the same as affiliate links. Choose that vendor for your purchase, and I make a small commission.

How I Use My Proceeds

  1. Overhead – If there are any profits, I use them to maintain this site – hosting, developers, site development, etc.
  2. Gear – I love to test equipment. Most proceeds are used to purchase gear for testing before I list it in the store.
  3. Trail Donations – When there is profit, I donate 10% to the trails hiked that year. I split up the $’s based on the miles hiked on that trail. Our trails have provided for me over the past 45 years, and I think giving back and supporting our trail organizations is important.
  4. Content – I would like to say proceeds will help me write more content, but this website is a labor of love, and I would write my little heart out regardless!

Not My Cup of Tea

Several readers have asked me if I accept donations. I don’t use Patreon, Venmo, Buy Me a Cup of Coffee, Zelle, or any fundraising applications. Nothing is wrong with these; it is just not my cup of tea.

If you want to support this site, think of me the next time you purchase a piece of gear or outdoor service and click on a link for that vendor.

I appreciate the support very much!