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Support this Site

There are several ways to support this website.

  1. Used Gear – Next time you need gear, check my store. Most of the gear is very lightly used. I purchase equipment, test it, mark it down 15% – 20%, and list it in the store. It’s constantly changing.
  2. Affiliate Links – I receive a commission for the purchase when you click these links. There is no additional cost to you. Vendors include affiliate money in their prices. I get a small commission if you use an affiliate link; if you don’t, they keep it. The links are mostly just in the review articles.

How I Use My Proceeds

  1. Overhead – If there are any profits, I use them to maintain this site – hosting, developers, site development, etc.
  2. Gear – I love to test equipment. Most proceeds are used to purchase gear for testing before I list it in the store.
  3. Trail Donations – If there is a profit, I donate 20% to the trails hiked that year. I split up the $’s based on the miles hiked on that trail. Our trails have provided for me over the past 45 years, and I think giving back and supporting our trail organizations is important.