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Appalachian Trail Thru-hike Data – Fun Little Facts | Average Hiker

A view from The Horn in Maine on the Appalachian Trail.

Below is some data and a few opinions from my 2023 Appalachian Trail Thru-hike. While most of the data was expected, a few numbers did surprise me.

In addition, I’ve listed some of my “Favorite” places along the trail.

As always, please chime in with your favorites in the comment section!

I started the Appalachian Trail on February 26, 2023, and finished it on September 7, 2023.

Appalachian Trail Thru-hike Facts and Data
194This was the number of days the total hike lasted - longer than expected.
136The number of days I hiked. This is without on and off-trail zero days.
86The number of times I stayed in my tent.
66Number of nights I camped near other hikers I knew and did not know.
50These were off-trail zero days. This included a one-week family vacation, tick bite illness, and leaving the trail in Gorham, NH, for several weeks to wait out severe flooding. I did not want to skip sections of Maine.
45The number of days I stayed in towns and hostels.
42This was the number of times I camped with hikers I had met multiple times. In most cases they had become friends on the trail.
34The number of days it rained.
32Number of nights I camped alone.
27Number of towns where I resupplied
25.8Highest mileage day in Virginia. It was a rainy, stormy day so I kept moving!
22I met a lot of hikers, but I hiked with around 22 different hikers more than once. I never did really have a tramily. I mostly floated between groups or other hikers, which I preferred.
17The number of days that were exceptionally cold and required additional winter gear.
15.9The number of miles I averaged each day after removing my zero days.
14The number of days I stayed in hostels. I usually got a private room, but I did stay in bunks three times.
14This was the most number of days I hiked with another hiker. Pigpen was an 18 year old hiker from Missouri.
10The total number of on-trail zero days in towns. Roughly half were taken in the first and last four towns.
9The number of days I stayed in a shelter on trail. I did if it was raining, friends were staying there, and it was clean.
3The number of days it snowed.
2Lake of the Clouds provided me a free reservation when a couple offered it to me because they were leaving. I paid for my reservation at Zealand Falls Hut.
5This is the number of HOKA Speedgoat pairs I wore on the trail.
1The number one breakfast on the trail was the breakfast at Mountain Harbor Hostel/B&B. No other breakfast even came close!
1This was a tough decision, but my favorite motel stay was The Stratton Motel in Stratton, ME. The Jens have renovated the motel and done a wonderful job! It is also right in the center of town which is a huge plus! Shouts out also to the close runner ups - The Hike Inn in Fontana and The Holiday House in Bethel, ME.
1My favorite trail town was Bethel, ME. This was not only a hard choice for me, but a suprise. It has some amazing restaurants and everything is in walking distance. Close runners up were Front Royal, VA and Damascus, VA.
1My favorite restaurant was quirky Le Mu for lunch in Bethel, ME. This was a gem! There was little I did not like and in two days I ate there three times! The Coplin Dinner House in Stratton, ME was also a hidden gem refered to me by the Jens, and Thunderbird Lodge, directly on the trail, was a pleasant suprise and SO hiker friendly!
1My favorite camp spot was on the ridge overlooking Frankly, NC about 2-3 miles from Winding Stair Gap. The sunrise and sunset were amazing!
1I know this should not be my favorite trail name but "Holy Shit" was my favorite name. The name fit this older, male hiker perfectly! 🙂
1There are a lot of hostels on the trail now, and I stayed at 14 of them. The one I enjoyed the most was The Stumble Inn in Front Royal, VA. The owners were fun, and the hostel was clean nice, and offered everything I needed. A close second was Chica and Sunsets in Franklin, NC.


If you want to check out more of my “favorites,” I also have a post on the gear I used and reviews of different sections along the trail. The Sections are still a work in progress as I add more.

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