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When I first began writing this blog, I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to use affiliate links in the gear and service reviews. I wanted to provide unbiased feedback so you could make a good decision, and I also did not want a spammy-looking website.

I definitely did not want to use ads, but I wanted to try and cover some of the overhead costs of running the site – hosting, premium plugins, developers, SEO consultants, etc.

I also did not want to write sponsored posts, accept money for my reviews, or get free gear for writing reviews. Affiliate links seemed like the least obtrusive way to generate a small amount of revenue for the website.

The best approach for me has been to use affiliate links sparingly. Small companies don’t always have affiliate programs, but I will use their gear and review it if they have the best gear.

Finally, I purchase all of my own gear at the same price you would and only review the gear I have used. That usually means hundreds or thousands of miles on the trail.

All that said, if you choose to click on a link and purchase an item, the vendor pays me a small commission. This commission is already baked into the item’s price, and there is no additional cost to you. If you don’t use affiliate links, it just means the vendor keeps that money.

If you choose to use the affiliate links, I appreciate the support. I hope the content on this website helps you make a decision so you can enjoy the wilderness and hike safely for years to come.

Thank you