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The gate leading from the Arizona Trail to High Jinks Ranch

Arizona Trail Day 16 – High Jinks Ranch | Average Hiker

March 27, 2022 I was very quiet when I woke up, quietly packing and creeping around my bedroom. No n…

Sunrise from the east face of Mt. Lemmon

Arizona Trail Day 15 – Trail Angels | Average Hiker

March 26, 2022 Looking through the woods towards the mountain’s east face, I saw the sun was b…

Arizona Trail Wilderness Bypass Trail

Arizona Trail Day 14 – Mt. Lemmon | Average Hiker

March 24, 2022 Cricket and I caught an Uber back up to Molino Basin Campground on the Catalina Highw…

These are two of the longer trails I hiked this year. I enjoyed hiking in the southeast and northeast this year. Next year I will be heading West.

Map of Northville Placid Trail on Average Hiker

Northville-Placid Trail

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