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AZT Update – Caught! | Average Hiker

Feathered Friends Bag

New Sleeping Bag

There was a box in the foyer last night. I was told not to touch it. My birthday is coming up soon.

This morning I got up very early to go peek, and saw the box was from Feathered Friends!

My excitement carried me away, and before I knew it I had climbed into the giant puffy warm cloud, and was blissfully sighing.

Feathered Friends Happy Face

“What are you doing?!”

My fight or flight brain quickly decided to pretend as if NOTHING was wrong, and I was following a normal course of action. I put on my serious face…

Feathered Friends Serious Face

“I leave for the AZT in just a few weeks. The sleeping bag arrived and I needed to make sure there are no issues in case I have to return it,” I said very matter of factly – a very reasonable answer.”

There was a long pause. I began to fidget (the bag was so nice and roomy it was not noticeable).

“Your birthday is in two weeks. Your hike is in 8 weeks. Try again…”

I just stared back. I hate logic sometimes.

“I’m going to send back the sleeping bag, and get you something that will be a surprise.”

I gasped (unseen under the full, fluffy collar). My mind flipped desperately through numerous responses.

My response (referred to as cheating), was immediate.

There is no picture of the big crocodile tears (framed by the perfectly fitted hood), but the sleeping bag will be boxed and wrapped for my birthday. 🙂

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    1. I’m not sure why a ? showed up. I guess emoticons are not working right now, so here is a smiley face the old fashioned way….:-)

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