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Arizona Trail Day One | Average Hiker

We were up early and on the road by 8:30. Morgan, Lauren and the canine pack had us at the trailhead by 10AM.

Gonzo kept his eye on me the whole ride up. Occasionally, he would drift off in my lap, only to suddenly awaken and lunge away from me. How had my lap snuck up under his head!

From Montezuma Pass we made our way down to the monument at the southern terminus. Cricket hid her water under a bush but I wanted to get a feel for my loaded pack.

Truthfully, I live outside NYC and was not about to leave anything anywhere!

The gang was gone when we hiked back up to the trailhead, so we began our climb, one of the longest climbs of the trail.

The views were fantastic but daammmnn that was a long climb! I kept moving but was definitely feeling the elevation at close to 9,000 feet.

From sea level to Miller Peak was a kick in the ass!

There was only a little slippery snow and ice and we arrived at Bathtub Spring around dusk. My temperature sensor read 38 degrees so we set up our tents fast, made dinner, and bundled into our quilts.

It was a good first day, and I let out a big sigh as I prepared for a cold night.

Snuggling into the mountain, it was good to be home.

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