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Arizona Trail Day 2 | Average Hiker

Last night was NIPPY! Blue Maestro reported it was 34 degrees at 7:30. There was also ice in my water bottle!

I stayed snug as a bug in my Katabatic Sawatch quilt with my Feathered Friends puffy wrapped around my head.

We had a short climb and roller coaster hike across Miller Peak before dropping down into Sunnyside Canyon for lunch next to a clear pool of water.

It was nice to note I was not too sore this morning. I was definitely in better shape than I was the last time I was out here on the AZT, and it felt good not to struggle so much.

Temps were in the upper 60s as we made our way through Oak and Mesquite forests – perfect hiking weather!

After Sunnyside Canyon, we slowly exited the forest, winding our way through scattered trees and golden grasses along a rocky, dry trail.

Our target for the day was Parker Canyon. There was supposed to be plenty of camping and water. This would put us at about 14.6 miles for the day.

Cricket had begun having blister issues about halfway through the day, so her feet were sore when we arrived at our camp for the night.

We arrived at the stream to find another group at the main campsite, so we moved up the trail about 20 yards and grabbed a site on either side of the trail.

If solo, I would have grabbed water and gone till dusk, but Cricket had had enough. So it was nice to relax and take it easy for a bit.

It was a good day. Finally, I was back on the trail, doing desert hiking I love.

As our feet and bodies toughen up, we will go faster and longer, but for now, it is nice to let our bodies adjust to this rugged landscape.

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