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Updated for 2022 Hike

My Arizona Trail Resupply Plan includes a mix of boxes and resupplying in town as needed.

Cricket (hiking partner on this hike) needs to limit her days to 15 miles, and since we don’t want to carry a ton of food weight, we will resupply more often.

This post takes you through my resupply plan this year and some thoughts on why I chose that location. Once I finish the trail, I’ll update this post with reflections and updates on the resupply locations, towns, and how they worked out.

Table of Contents

Additional Planning Tools – Arizona Trail Resupply Plan

  • GaiaGPS – I use GaiaGPS for resupply planning and navigation. I have topo, towns, side trails, service roads, etc., and a little more detail than other apps. It is easy to use and I lay out my route and add waypoints for places of interest, towns, and where I want to exit the trail for my resupplies. Once I’ve created my map I sync it with the GaiaGPS App on my phone.
  • Guthook/Farout – This App has comments and notes on water, camping, shuttles, towns, etc. Hikers ahead of you enter information that you access. This is especially good for water and towns. You will need to download topo maps if you want to use them.
  • AZT Trail Communities – The Arizona Trail Association has many good resources for hikers. This Gateway Communities list provides good town information.
  • AZT Databook – You have access to the Databook if you are a member of the Arizona Trail Association. I use if for the water information, and distance to towns. The annual membership is only $50 and it supports the trail you are hiking. The data book is consistently updated so get the latest version.
  • Facebook – Join the “Class of XXXX” for the year you plan to hike. You get timely updates, information from trail angels, notices on fires, closures, etc. Expect some “spirited” discussion.

My Shipping Method

I use USPS Flat Rate Boxes for a couple of reasons.

  • They are the perfect size for a 3-5 day resupply and I can pack a lot in the flat rate boxes.
  • I can return them for free if I need to send something home.
  • They usually arrive in 1-3 business days.
  • I can forward them one time if I need to bump something ahead.

Shipping Fuel on the Trail

Make sure you check the regulations before shipping fuel. This will ensure no changes.

You also want to confirm you can ship fuel with your postmaster. Mine know the regulations and let me send the fuel, but some do not and will refuse the box.

These USPS regulations, here and here, provide the information you need.

When I ship my packages, I place the language below on the address side of the box at the bottom in large bold letters.

ORM-D, Consumer Commodity, Surface-Only

Review the Regs. and talk to your Post Master before labeling and shipping your fuel.

Planning Documents – Arizona Trail Resupply Plan

The documents below are the spreadsheet I use for planning and a “Town Checklist.”

In the Resupply Plan Spreadsheet, there are three columns to the right. I use these for food planning. For example, I snack consistently between breakfast and dinner, stopping for breaks as needed, and don’t eat a formal “lunch.”

Feel free to reach out to contactaveraghiker@gmail.com if you have any questions or want a copy of the spreadsheet.

Resupply Stops

For Arizona Trail Resupply Planning I had 10 stops. Below are those locations, along with the location addresses.

1. Patagonia, AZ

Mile: 50.2
Day: 4
How I’ll Get There: Right On Trail
How I Actually Got There:
Address: Post Office

Ellie Thomas
100 N. Taylor Ln.
Patagonia, AZ 85624

Please HOLD for AZT Hiker Ellie Thomas
ETA 3/XX/2022 (Date XX for privacy)

The trail goes right through town and near the post office. After 2-3 days of hiking, this is a good place to evaluate whether or not you need any items you have not brought with you. For example, the last time I hiked this first section, I ended up grabbing more sunscreen.

Patagonia Post Hike Thoughts

2. Colossal Cave Park

Mile: 116.7
Day: 9
How I’ll Get There: 1 Mile – Walk to Cafe
How I Actually Got There:
Address: Colossal Cave Park via UPS or FEDEX

Colossal Cave Mountain Park
16721 E Old Spanish Trail
Vail, AZ 85641

Please hold for AZT Hiker Ellie Thomas ETA 3/XX/2022
Ship via UPS or FEDEX

Colossal Cave is right off the trail. The store will hold packages and have “real food” – burgers, pizza, etc. at the cafe. You have the option of staying at the campground that has water and bathrooms and only costs $10. If it is a weekend, you might even be able to book a tour of the caves

Colossal Cave Post Hike Thoughts

3. High Jinx Ranch

Mile: 195.5
Day: 15
How I’ll Get There: 1 Mile – Right On Trail
How I Actually Got There:
Address: Ship to High Jinx Ranch via UPS or FEDEX

Ellie Thomas
C/O High Jinks Ranch
33550 S. High Jinks Rd.
Oracle, AZ 85623

Please Hold for AZT Hiker Ellie Thomas ETA 3/XX/2022
Ship via UPS or FEDEX

Many hikers pick up a box at the store or post office in Summerhaven, but we decided to go on through and stay at High Jinx Ranch. Summerhaven did not have many options for staying over if we wanted to, and High Jinx looked like a pretty cool place to stay – authentic with a bit of history. We will grab a pizza or two in Summerhaven, though!

High Jinx Ranch is right on the trail. Even if you are not staying, it is a nice place for a break. If you are staying and shipping a box, they have a room with 2 Queens and 2B/1BR suite with two couches. They charge $8 for the box and want you to call or DM them and let them know you are sending a box. You don’t have to stay there to send a box. They are responsive via DM.

High Jinx Ranch Post Hike Thoughts

4. Kearny Arizona

Mile: 257.8
Day: 20
How I’ll Get There: 7 Miles – Hitchhike
How I Actually Got There:
Address: Post Office

Ellie Thomas
388 Alden Rd.
Kearny, AZ 85137

Please HOLD for AZT Hiker Ellie Thomas
ETA 4/XX/2022 (Date XX for privacy)

Kearny boasts itself as the best hiker town on the AZT. We will hitch into town, and it appears you should walk the main road from the first trailhead if you want an easier hitch. Supposedly, the pizza place will pick you up, but only use them as a last resort if you can’t get a ride into town.

The Kearny Inn is still in operation but has supposedly changed management, and I could not find much information other than making a reservation ahead of time. It fills up fast. There is also a campground with showers. The town is small and a good hiker resupply town with everything close together. They have a good grocery store, and make sure you stop in at Old Time Pizza. The people in town are also supposedly super friendly and like hikers.

Kearny Post Hike Thoughts

5. Roosevelt Lake Marina, Arizona

Mile: 337.8
Day: 26
How I’ll Get There: Close to Trail
How I Actually Got There:
Address: Roosevelt Lake Marina (Ship via USPS)

Roosevelt Lake Marina
28085 N. Hwy. 188
Roosevelt, AZ 85545

Please hold for AZT Hiker Ellie Thomas
ETA 3/XX/2022 (Date XX for privacy)

The Marina has struggled with its hiker relationship in the past, but that seems to have changed this past year. They now have a hiker shack and picnic table to hang out and charge their devices. You can supposedly camp in the parking lot, and there are some campsites nearby.

The Marina also has a bar and restaurant with good food and friendly staff. If you send a box for them to hold, make sure you time it well because they hold them for about two weeks after the ETA date. They also charge $10 to pick up your resupply box.

Roosevelt Lake Marina Post Hike Thoughts

6. Payson, Arizona

Mile: 383.3
Day: 30
How I’ll Get There: 32 Miles off Trail – Hitchhike
How I Actually Got There:
Address: Post Office

Ellie Thomas
100 W. Frontier Street
Payson, AZ 85541

Please HOLD for AZT Hiker Ellie Thomas
ETA 4/XX/2022 (Date XX for privacy)

It is approximately 117 miles between Kearny and Pine, so we will hitch into Payson about 32 miles away. We will get off and Sunflower. There are a couple of shuttles in Guthook/Farout, so we will reach out to them, and if we can’t get a ride, we will hitchhike.

Payson is a larger town and has plenty of chain motels and restaurants. It is closer to get there from Pine, so if you can’t find a place to stay in Pine, you can hitchhike to Payson.

Payson Post Hike Thoughts

7. Pine, Arizona

Mile: 455.1
Day: 36
How I’ll Get There: 1 Mile off Trail – Walk
How I Actually Got There:
Address: Post Office

Ellie Thomas
3847 N. Highway 87
Pine, AZ 85544

Please HOLD for AZT Hiker Ellie Thomas
ETA 4/XX/2022 (Date XX for privacy)

Pine is only about a mile off the trail. We may or may not stay over since we are staying in Payson. Payson has more amenities, but you can book Air BnB’s in Pine.

Pine has several restaurants, and retail shopping needed to resupply. “That Brewery” is the most well-known spot for hikers in Pine and seems to be a popular hang out for hikers and locals.

Payson Post Hike Thoughts

8. Mormon Lake, Arizona

Mile: 521.5
Day: 41
How I’ll Get There: 1 Mile off Trail – Walk
How I Actually Got There:
Address: Post Office

Ellie Thomas
1 Mormon Lake Road
Mormon Lake, AZ 86038

Please HOLD for AZT Hiker Ellie Thomas
ETA 4/XX/2022 (Date XX for privacy)

Although we will be early in the season, there is a post office. There is a lodge and restaurant, but reportedly the restaurant only has limited hours on the weekends. The store has regular hours but reportedly closes at 3 PM outside of the season.

The lodge is open, and there are also supposed to be showers where you can charge your devices. I don’t know if we will stay here, but we will grab a box and visit the store.

Payson Post Hike Thoughts

9. Flagstaff, Arizona

Mile: 573.2
Day: 45
How I’ll Get There: Either take a shortcut through town or Uber from Trail
How I Actually Got There:
Address: Post Office

An alternate trail takes you through Flagstaff and is a shortcut that bypasses about 13 miles of the AZT that runs east of Flagstaff. The alternate takes you through town and is well-marked and easy to follow. If you want to stay on the trail, you can still access Flagstaff and walk into town or call an Uber.

Flagstaff has several grocery store options, health food stores, and outfitters, including REI. I won’t be sending a box to this location but will resupply in town.

Hotels, motels, and all amenities are available in Flagstaff, and I plan to take a zero here.

Payson Post Hike Thoughts

10. South Rim or Tusayan, Arizona

Mile: 675.4
Day: 54
How I’ll Get There: Near the Trail – Walk
How I Actually Got There:
Address: Visitor Center (SHIP VIA UPS OR FEDEX ONLY)

Grand Canyon National Geographic Visitor Center
450 Route 64
Tusayan, AZ 86023

Please HOLD for ATZ Thru-hiker – ELLIE THOMAS
ETA 4/XX/2022 (Date XX for privacy)

There are a couple of options here. First, I will go into Pasayan and have my box shipped to the visitor center in Tusayan. This is supposedly a costly town, but I think I will have more options if I need anything before wrapping up the hike.

The next day I’ll walk over to the Grand Canyon Visitor Center and General Store and stay at Mather Campground before entering the Grand Canyon. They have some walk-up hiker campsites. This is a good place to catch up with other hikers you have met that are also finishing.

You can also send your box to the visitor center/store, and they supposedly have a very good store with reasonable prices where it is easy to supply.

The visitor center is also where you want to coordinate your Grand Canyon camping permits, although this past year, they wanted you to send an email no more than 72 hours in advance, and they would call you back.

Payson Post Hike Thoughts

11. Final Stretch

Mile: 779.3
Day: 63
How I’ll Get There: Walk
How I Actually Got There:

I’ll probably reach the North Rim too soon to resupply. Facilities open on May 15th. I’ll plan to hike straight through to the state line.

I will try to get a permit at Bright Angel Campground in the Grand Canyon. It is next to Phantom Ranch, where I can get snacks and maybe even a meal if I’m lucky.

Final Thoughts – Arizona Trail Resupply Plan

This is a work in progress document, which I’ll update as soon as I get home in May. Arizona Trail Resupply planning is not difficult and it is good to see that many locations were on trail or close to the trail.

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