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New Shola 230 Esker Hat Review – Average Hiker

Kora Beanie

Shola 230 Esker Hat BEANIE

The “New Shola 230 Esker Hat” by Kora is a very long name for what I call my Kora Beanie. The hat is made out of Yak’s wool fabric. I bought a couple for my brothers for Christmas, and to be honest, it was really kind of a novelty gift. Once I checked the beanie out though, I got both Lu and I one also!

Lu Posing in Shola 230 Esker Hat

Quick Specs

  • Fabric Hima-Layer Original 230 Fabric sourced from Yak Wool
  • Weight 230 GSM
  • Color Black
  • Cut Fitted


  • Khunu $85
  • Kora $50
  • Yakamel $37
  • Mongolian Shop $54

Kora Beanie Materials

The Kora Beanie is made from Hima-Layer Original 230 Fabric, which is sourced from Yak’s wool. There was an internet debate I saw recently, and they claim to harvest the wool from shedding Yak’s, so it was good to see they did not shave them. They do live in fairly frigid temperatures.

The manufacturer makes a few claims about Yak wool, that I found interesting, and looked forward to testing.

  • 40% warmer than Merino wool
  • 66% better air permeability than merino wool
  • 17% better water vapor permeability than merino wool
  • PLUS – odor resistant, efficient wicking, lightweight

Kora Beanie Appearance

You can’t really go wrong with black, but I do wish the Kora Beanie came in a couple of other colors. I especially like striped beanies. It is a simple, light weight beanie though, and I can appreciate that. I like the very small grey Kora emblem, and the splash of color on the strip of Kora tape. The tape has pleasant earthy colors that are supposed to represent the Himalayan contours and the Tibetan prayer flag colors. (I remember the prayer flags being much brighter, but I could be mistaken.)

Lu in Shola 230 Esker Hat
Shola 230 Esker Hat with Emblem

Beanie Fit

The Kora beanie, straight out of it’s reusable bag, is ready to go. It is soft and pliable, and best of all it is a deep beanie. I’m not ashamed to say I have a large head. Because of this, I have a hard time finding hats that fit me. The Kora beanie is plenty big, and I even found myself turning up the edge a little, and sliding it back on my head (a first!).


One of the best things about the beanie is that it does not itch. I’ve found that when I wear wool beanies for an extended amount of time, they will begin to irritate my forehead. I ran around all day in my Kora beanie, and this did not happen. Yay Kora beanie!

Shola 230 Esker Hat Summary – KORA BEANIE!

The beanie was worn all day, under some moderate to strenuous hiking conditions, and in temperatures around freezing to slightly below freezing. As noted already, the fit was great. The beanie was just a smidge long, so I ended up turning up the front of it, or sliding it back on my head.

Although the beanie fabric is doubled layered, it was not as warm as I expected. It did wick well when I was moving fast, and dried very quickly when it got damp in a misty rain. I ended up layering the beanie under my fleece hat and stayed quite snug. It also fit perfectly under some of my other hats.

I give my Kora beanie two thumbs up. It is very small and easy to pack. There is no itchiness after extended wear, which I love, and the softness will allow me to wear it when I sleep. Finally, I can layer it under other hats in frigid temperatures, and it completely covers my ears and large head. It is a good versatile little piece of clothing that I’ll be carrying in 3 of 4 seasons.

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