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Regrained Bars Review – Recycling | Average Hiker

Regrained Meal Replacement Bars

Regrained Bars Review Quest

This Regrained Bars review continues my quest for a “good” food bar. Over the years, I’ve literally eaten hundreds, if not thousands, of bars while backpacking, and there are not very many that I can stomach for long.

The exception is the Big Sur Bar, but I won’t go into detail on this bar since my gushing over them in prior posts has probably become tiresome.

Big Sur Bars

Regrained Bars Story

The Regrained Bars story can be found here, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I was drawn right in by its “SuperGrain+” claims. In summary, they use the grain dregs from beer distilling to create a Super Grain flour. It is described as a “functional food” that is “best put to use through edible upcycling.” I’m not sure what this means, but the first picture of brown ropes did make me pause. Fortunately, it was followed up by a second promising picture.

Regrain Flour

Regrain Nutrition

Nutrition is a fundamental building block of the story. The team at Regrain claims…

  • 55% more dietary fiber than wheat flour
  • 24% more protein than quinoa
  • 26% fewer calories than wheat flour

A check for everything but fewer calories. When hiking 15-20 miles daily, I try to cram in as many calories as possible in as small a package as possible. Having any food on the same platform as pizza is still intriguing, so I continued with the review.

Regrained Flavors and Taste

I ordered the Regrain Bars Sample Pack. There are three flavors.

  • Chocolate Coffee
  • Honey Cinnamon
  • Blueberry Sunflower

Chocolate Coffee

Chocolate Coffee Regrain Bar

The bar packaging was plastic with a cartoon-type design and fairly muted colors. The bar itself was what I refer to as a “classic bar,” meaning it was soft and slightly moist due to the syrups used. I prefer a baked bar with some crispness to it. Of all the bars, the flavor profile was strongest in the Coffee bar. I don’t like coffee, so this bar fell to the bottom of my list, but not Lulu’s.

Honey Cinnamon

Honey Cinnamon Regrain Bar

The Honey Cinnamon was my favorite flavor. The almonds were not overpowering, and the honey was not too sweet. It had a relatively mild taste, and the Cinnamon was a nice compliment to the mild sweetness. This bar had the same moist, chewy texture as the Chocolate.

Blueberry Sunflower

Blueberry is usually my favorite flavor, as is a most berry, but this was not the case with this bar. The ginger and sunflower combination resulted in an odd, slightly tangy taste for me. This bar also had the same moist, chewy texture as the others.

Regrain Bars Summary


  • Recycling of waste from another primary process
  • Nutritional Value
  • Ingredients – natural
  • Marketing – story, value


  • Texture – not a moist and chewy fan
  • Flavors – the combinations were not my favorites, although I like the Honey Cinnamon.
  • Calories – I primarily eat bars when backpacking, so I like more calories

These are probably not bars I would carry backpacking or hiking. The texture and flavor combinations were not my favorite, although I’m sure others will enjoy the flavors.

2 thoughts on “Regrained Bars Review – Recycling | Average Hiker”

  1. I’m curious if the bars sat well in the stomach, and if you felt full after eating them.

    Some bars make me feel bloated while others are so light I sometimes forget I’ve eaten them until I reach for the bar and come up with empty packaging and a feeling of disappointment.

    1. Hi

      I found these bars about average in that regard. They did not leave me hungry. A much more satisfying bar for me is the Greenbelly meal replacement bar. I like the apple spice best, their newest flavor.

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