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RightOnTrek Review – All About Convenience! | Average Hiker

Right On Trek Meal Review

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RightOnTrek Summary

RightOnTrek asked me to review their meals a few weeks ago, and I happily agreed. I’m always on board with any process that makes food logistics easier on backpacking trips!

In a nutshell, the innovative meal planning concept definitely made “food logistics” more manageable, and the food tasted good – at a reasonable price. There are a few things that I’m sure will continue to evolve, and as this young company continues to grow, I’m sure they will knock the cookpot (argh, argh) out of the park.

RightOnTrek Updates

RightOnTrek is still growing strong and has a few updates I want to mention since this last post was written.

  1. Sixteen great new meals that include vegan, keto, vegetarian, gluten-free, and other dietary preferences.
  2. You can order them for one, two or four people.
  3. A new a la carte store for ordering.
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Company Highlights

Air Dried FoodBiodegradable Packaging
100 Calories = $1Meal Planning
Saved Meal PlansDietary Choices
Ships to Resupply PointsMade Fresh Each Season

RightOnTrek Website

For this review, I ordered my food from RightOnTrek, which allowed me to check out their website. The website is good looking and offers some nice features.

RightOnTrek website is easy to use


Under “Trails,” they only need the “Find a Hike” subcategory, but they also have Find a Trail and Find a New Trail, which is all a little confusing. I was only interested in “Find a Hike” since the rest were similar to “AllTrails” and Gaia that I already use.

Find a Hike” allows you to choose a trail and then the plan to go with it. The plan lays out the hike by day and sums up the days, so you know how many meals to order.

It would be nice if “Find A Hike” allowed users to enter their daily mileage to update the plan and THEN provided a link to order each day’s meals within the tool itself, but all in good time.

Sign Up/Login

Signing up allows you to set up a profile so you can save your orders. If you are doing a longer hike and want to use the plan to reorder then this is a nice feature.

Tastes will change on long hikes, so being able to choose your meals and switch out certain items before having them shipped to the location you choose is a nice convenience.


RightOnTrek has a blog, mostly about their user’s trips and general news. This is a feature that can drive traffic for any website so I’m sure topics will expand with their growth.

Ordering Food

Ordering food on RightOnTrek is easy. You choose the number of days you are hiking, whether you are alone or in a group, personalize your meal plan, and you are off to the races. The ease of ordering is one of the strengths of this sight.

The customizations include things like whether you’re vegetarian, want dairy, etc., and what condiments you like.

I initially tried to order a few meals to try, but you can’t do this on RightOnTrek – no “a la carte” allowed right now, but based on feedback from RightOnTrek, this may change in the future.

Once you have your meal plan done, you can make changes to each day’s meals. Within the plan, you can substitute and delete those options you don’t like and check each one out before adding it to that day’s meal. You can even swap breakfasts and dinners, which is good since I’m not a big breakfast food person.

Foods I Sampled

It took some time to order the meals I wanted since I had to order plans and then delete all the meal options every day. There was a lot of clicking, but I finally chose what I wanted to take on my next backpacking trip.

  • Mac & Cheese
  • Oatmeal w/Cranberries & Walnuts
  • Wheat Porridge
  • Chicken Alfredo Pasta

The meals arrived packaged and ready to go. I appreciated that the spices and condiments were all in their own separate packaging by day. I often keep a day’s food in a large gallon Ziploc bag, so this appealed to my OCD food organization tendencies.

After I received my meals RightOnTrek and I went for an icy 2-day backpacking trip. They did not offer many snacks I eat, so I ended up ordering only breakfasts and dinners.

Mac & Cheese

The Mac & Cheese was good, similar to other mac and cheese meals I have eaten. The noodles required boiling, and then you added the powdered cheese and spices. The cheese sauce was a little sharper than I expected, which was good, and I enjoyed the meal. Although 542 calories, the portion size was small at the end of a long day.

Chicken Alfredo Pasta

The RightOnTrek Chicken Alfredo was flavorful, but it was a little salty for my taste. The noodles required boiling, and then simmering was needed after the spices and powdered sauce were added. Like the Mac & Cheese, the portion size was a little small for me, but hey, that just means I wanted more!

Oatmeal w/Cranberries and Walnuts

This breakfast was good. I tried it cold-soaked, but I preferred it cooked. I don’t eat a lot at breakfast, so the portion was the perfect size for me. There were plenty of cranberries and nuts, and I stayed full for the first few hours of the hike.

Cream of Wheat Porridge

The Cream of Wheat Porridge is what it says, Cream of Wheat. I always have liked Cream of Wheat, and this breakfast was also the right portion size. I ended up adding some powdered NIDO and brown sugar to give it a little more flavor.

RightOnTrek Review Conclusion

RightOnTrek introduces an innovative and convenient concept, creating meal plans for a full day’s meals – breakfast, snacks, drinks, lunches, and dinners. This makes “food logistics” very easy. Pick what you want, and have it sent to your resupply points if you are on a long hike.

RightOnTrek checks all the boxes – convenience, environmentally friendly, price, taste, and with 50 percent off on the first order, there is really no reason not to try their meals.


  • Taste – their meals taste good, with plenty of spices and condiments to add additional flavors.
  • Website – Well developed and easy to use and navigate.
  • Price – $1 for 100 calories is a reasonable price, but I would rather have larger meals and fewer snacks.
  • Chat – You can ask questions via the Chat function while you are ordering.


  • Portions – I’m not nearly as hungry on shorter hikes or section hikes, so these meals are fine for those. These are not large enough for long-distance hiking unless I carry two of each dinner.
  • Meal Ordering – Allow “a la carte” ordering. I don’t eat many of the snacks and rarely have hot beverages. I don’t eat bars anymore, and there are a lot of these.
  • Variety – Variety is limited, but this will increase over time.
  • Cook Time – These are air-dried meals, so you have to boil the food, and in many cases, you also have to simmer it. On short, low mileage hikes, this is ok, but I want to boil and soak in a Ziploc on a long hike and not have to worry about cleaning a pot.
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