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Greenbelly Spiced Apple Review – A WIN!| Average Hiker

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Greenbelly Food Bar – Spiced Apple Review

The Greenbelly Spiced Apple Review describes a food bar I can get behind! I liked their bars in a prior review , but not all of the flavors made me go WOW! The Spiced Apple though – this bar is really good!

This won’t be a long review, but I did want to call it out since it is definitely my favorite flavor. If Greenbelly continues to come out with food bars that are nutritious AND have these types of flavors, they have a hit.

I’m always on the look out for a good food or protein bar, and you can find other reviews I’ve done on Regrained Bars and Greenbelly Mud Meals. The Spiced Apple by Greenbelly officially gets the number two spot, after the Big Sur bars, which is found with some of my other favorite backpacking foods.

First Glance

spiced apple bars

The Spiced Apple Bar comes in the same good looking Greenbelly package. The package has a resealable Ziploc top, and there are two bars inside. The packaging is high quality and will keep your product fresh until you are ready to eat it.

The bars themselves look similar to the other flavors. The one thing that does stand out is the amount of nuts in the bars. At first glance the all natural ingredients obvious. They look like they are packed with peanuts! I like nuts.

Protein or food bars with obvious natural ingredients are not always that common. Many food bars resemble blase bricks with colorful lumps in them. I literally have to study the ingredients listed on the packaging to try and figure out what the lumps might be. This is not the case with Greenbelly bars. I actually know what I am eating.

Greenbelly Food Bar Review – Nutrition & Taste

food bar ingredients
greenbelly food bar ingredients
nutrition information

One of my favorite things about Greenbelly bars is the ingredients. Greenbelly uses natural ingredients, and the Spiced Apple bars have everything I like – apples, peanuts, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, etc. I love anything spicy!

These bars also pack a pretty good punch at 695 calories. One of the big positives for me when I do eat them is that they keep me full. I’m not immediately hungry and hour later. This is key when hiking long distances. It means I carry a little less food and keep my weight down.


The Spiced Apple flavor is the best of the bars. It is sweet and savory, but not too sweet. The BEST part is the cayenne pepper that gives it a little kick. It cayenne pepper sneaks up on you, giving you a good little burn at the end – love it!

These new bars don’t scrimp on ingredients. The nuts alone are generous, and each bite has a nice chunk of apple in it. A slight hint of cinnamon brings it all together.

Greenbelly Spiced Apple Review – Final Thoughts

I’m leaving for a short backpacking trip soon, and ordered a variety pack of Greenbelly Food Bars. The Apple Spiced Bar is going along for the ride, and I want to give the other flavors another try. The other bars were already good, but ingredients and flavors sometimes change.

If you are looking for a good food bar with a little zing, the Apple Spiced bar by Greenbelly is your food bar. They got it right with this flavor.

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Hi. Average Hiker purchased this product and does not write sponsored posts or receive compensation for reviews. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means that when you click on one of these links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Also, as an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. If this review has been helpful, I appreciate you considering your purchase through one of the product links. Thank you.

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