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The Gossamer Gear Thinlight Pad! | Average Hiker

Gossamer Gear Thinlight 1/8 Pad

Multi-purpose Thinlight Pad

The Gossamer Gear 1/8 Thinlight Pad is lightweight and barely noticeable strapped onto the top of my backpack. It is one of the most useful and durable pieces of gear I carry. Below are some of its uses.

  • Traditional Sleeping Pad
  • Blanket
  • Bandage
  • Umbrella Handle Anchor
  • Sun Hat
  • Hot Pot Holder
  • Sitting Pad
  • Shoe Insole
  • Pillow
  • Anti-sliding Sleeping Bag Pad
  • Pot Cozy
  • Glissading Sleigh

The two most common uses for me include anti-sliding sleeping bag pad and sitting pad.

  • As an Anti-sliding Sleeping Bag Pad, it is excellent, stopping my Neoair from sliding around on my tarp-tent floor while I sleep. It also provides a little bit of insulation if I’m camped on icy ground.
  • Sitting pads are usually small. I can fold the Thinlight pad for a traditional sleeping pad or unfold it for a more reclined position. It’s pretty versatile.

Gossamer Gear Thinlight Foam Pad – 1/8 – Quick Specifications

  • Weight – 2.5 ounces
  • Material – Closed cell cross-linked Evazote foam
  • Dimensions – 19 x 59 1/8 x 1/8 in

Gossamer Gear Thinlight Foam Pad – 1/8 – Performance

The Thinlight Pad – 1/8 is not too expensive, so I usually purchase one about every 1,000 – 2,000 miles. I usually cut it in half or to whatever size I need, so one lasts me at least two seasons.

Below is some additional detail on some of the Thinlight’s more common uses.


The Thinlight Pad really does do a nice job of preventing your sleeping pad from creeping across a Silnylon or Dyneema floor while you sleep.

Body Support

The Thinlight is not thick enough for a comfortable sleeping pad, at least not for me, but it does provide some other support options.

  1. Seat – folded or spread in a reclined position.
  2. Backpacking Pad – additional back support for a frameless backpack
  3. Pillow – it makes a good pillow, especially when covered with a puffy jacket

First Aid

I’ve used the Thinlight Pad for pain prevention.

  1. Moleskin Replacement – I’ve cut a hole in it to protect blisters and abscesses.
  2. Insole – Cut to use as a temporary insole until I could replace my ragged one.


I have been told the Thinlight 1/8 provides no insulative qualities, but I have to disagree. Even if psychological, I did feel warmer.

  1. Sleeping Pad – Under my sleeping pad on frozen ground, I was definitely warmer after I put the Thinlight under my Neoair inflatable pad.
  2. Cozy – I have now had the opportunity to use both it and my Store-Bought Cozy, and my Thinlight insulated my pot just as well as the cozy.
Sitting Pad Thinlight

Gossamer Gear Thinlight Pad – Final Thoughts…

The Thinlight Pad is not that common on the trails I’ve hiked. I’m usually the only person I see with one, but it has become one of my favorite pieces of gear over time.

You can purchase the Gossamer Gear 1/8 Thinlight below, and also check out some more Gossamer Gear Items. In addition to the Thinlight, two of my other favorite items include their Mariposa backpack and the Silver Shadow Mini Umbrella. I’ve included links to reviews for both of these.

More Gossamer Gear Items

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