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Kula Cloth Review – Finally Something Clean! | Average Hiker

Kula Cloth Bee Design
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The Kula Cloth Review is Easy

This Kula Cloth review describes a cloth that improves hygiene for women while in the backcountry or away from “civilization.” With its only real competition being the bandanna, there is a LOT to like about this small piece of gear.

My current Kula cloth has been used on the Arizona Trail, Colorado Trail, and the New England Trail this year. It currently has about 800 miles on it and still looks and smells brand new!

Below is the owner’s description of the cloth.

“A Kula Cloth™ is the first of its kind – an intentionally (and obsessively) designed reusable antimicrobial pee cloth!” There you have it!

Men may want to stop here, but WAIT! It makes a pretty cool stocking stuffer for your outdoor partner, and I have it listed in my “10 Great Backpacking Gifts” gift guide.

Table of Contents

Why the Kula Cloth?

“Your weird cloth arrived in the mail.”

This was the text I received while I was out of town traveling. Over morning coffee, I was asked why I needed the cloth. I could see eyes cloud over as I explained it’s purpose. On the other hand, once I explained it to my female friends, I watched as slow “ah-ha” grins lit up their faces.

On the Arizona Trail, I was in the desert. There were very few options for cleaning up after I went to the bathroom. Leaves were sparse, and the thought of cacti still makes me shudder.

The Colorado Trail was fast, meaning I spent a lot of time above the tree line on a fairly busy trail. I needed to take care of business QUICK, and the Kula Cloth made this easy. There was no fuss and no mess like I have with leaves, TP, and the occasional thorn.

Kula Cloth Competition

There is, of course, the bandanna. I’ve never really liked using this little piece of bacteria breeding cotton and then hanging it off my backpack. It has always seemed a little less than hygienic. So when the Kula cloth popped up on one of my many internet feeds, it caught my eye.

Quick Specs

  • Size – 6 x 6
  • Weight – .5 oz
  • Fabric – advanced silver-infused, antimicrobial fabric 
  • Materials – eco-friendly non-toxic materials (Bamboo Viscose, Cotton, Organic Cotton, Polyester)
  • Other Features – “Clean side” with waterproof lining, so moisture does not soak through.

Kula Cloth Materials

The materials are what make the Kula cloth unique. The small piece of cloth uses “advanced, silver-infused/antimicrobial super-absorbent textiles.” The Kula Cloth kind of looks like a little oven mitt, but thinner. It has a super absorbent dimpled cloth on one side and a waterproof layer separating this side from the smooth nylon handling side.

This layer keeps your hands clean, which is not always the case with the cotton bandanna.

Absorbent Side

There is a sturdy snap to fold over and close the little cloth and a small strap for hanging it off the pack. This keeps the part of the Kula Cloth being used away from you or your backpack.

There are many cool colors and designs, and even an “Artist Series.” Recently Kula also started ordering custom prints, so you can make your own unique Kula Cloth

I chose the black cloth since my pack is green and black, and it “matched.” I liked that it kind “blended in” with my other gear and did not scream PEE CLOTH like a bandanna.

Kula Cloth Care

The Kula Cloth is a game-changer for me. It is a much cleaner concept than the bandanna, easy to wash, and relatively inconspicuous on my backpack.

The Kula Cloth dries fast and has almost no odor. It is very absorbent and feels much cleaner than my bandanna (Did I say that already?) Seriously, after five days on the trail with no access to a shower, I will take anything that keeps me feel even slightly cleaner.

I rinse the Kula Cloth downstream whenever I have an opportunity. It dries very quickly, hanging on my backpack. At night I take it off the pack and put it in a small Ziploc bag. The next morning it gets clipped back on my backpack – so easy!

Kula Cloth Summary

In the future, this will be a piece of essential gear on all of my hikes. I’m even purchasing a couple of backups!

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