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Colorado Trail – Lessons Reaffirmed | Average Hiker

In No Particular Order

I’m taking a moment to step away from the daily Blog/Slog posts. It has been a bit since my last long distance hike, and I’m reminded of a few things.

  • Brushing my hair becomes completely irrelevant after Day 2.
  • You only THINK your legs are tanned.
  • The five minute rule becomes the five whatever rule.
  • Quilts are still quilts no matter how tight the elastic and cinch cords. If the temperature drops below freezing, I still need my 10 degree sleeping bag!
  • By week three, ALL my food tastes wonderful rolled up in a tortilla – together!
  • Saracha Sauce is good in every single dehydrated meal I eat.
  • Sometimes I actually forget to look at my phone for a day – and the world keeps turning.
  • There is only one flavor to choose from in the cooler, and it is wonderful!
  • The sound of rain on my tarp is still amazing.
  • That day when I walk up a 13,000 foot mountain without pausing, except to smile for a moment at the summit. It still feels just as incredible.
  • Cold mornings, and putting on damp hiking clothes is still just as brutal.
  • I love good dogs, even more on the trail.
  • It is time to put on my other pair of socks when my first pair stands alone.
  • A little bit of comfort goes an awfully long way. My pack does not need to weigh 40 pounds, but it does not need to weigh 10 either.
  • I always miss home when on the trails, and the trails when at home.
  • I really don’t need all ten toenails to hike comfortably.
  • If there are rumbles and no pops, I can make it if I run fast!
  • I can eat ANYTHING, and still lose weight!
  • When my electronics failed, I was glad I had my map.

There are others, but the world is setting. Time to sleep.

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4 thoughts on “Colorado Trail – Lessons Reaffirmed | Average Hiker”

    1. You are absolutely right! My new quilt is great, but when really cold I still wake up through out the night from little cold spots no matter how tight I cinch it. I also turn a lot and am constantly having to shift it and reattach it to it’s cords. I’m going to do a full gear review when I get home.

  1. I am looking forward to reading about this quilt situation. I also just bought a hammock, I may try hammock camping next summer. All of these reminders are SPOT on. I 100% agree with the pack comment, we don’t need to deprive ourselves of EVERYTHING on the trail. The tan legs comments made laugh out loud. HAHA….tan until you get after them with some soap.

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