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Colorado Trail – Gear


My Colorado Trail Gear List has changed since my Arizona Trail hike. You can view the list, and download the spreadsheet with weight details, at the link above. You can also check out my Arizona Trail Gear List.

The biggest changes are to the “Big Three.”

I’m taking my Zpacks Altaplex Shelter, which will provide some features of both a double walled shelter and a single walled shelter. I have more room than I do in my current Hexamid (both height and width), and the walls are higher which help reduce condensation.

My backpack will be a Zpack Arc Haul. The Arc is about 9 ounces less than the Ohm on my scale. While I still find my Ohm generally more comfortable, especially on rugged or off-trail hikes, I like the actual “Arc” of the Zpack Arc Haul – keeping it off my back. The Colorado Trail will be a good Trail for this pack.

I’m still on the fence on my last change. My Feathered Friends Lark has been the sleeping bag I have used for the past 10 years. I even replaced my old one (which is over in my Store now) with a new Lark. I personally think that Feathered Friends makes the best sleeping bag on the market for Long Distance Hiking.

I also have the Feathered Friends Helios Jacket which is their Mid-weight Down jacket that climbed Kilimanjaro with me, and their Women’s EOS Down Jacket which I used for Long Distance hiking. It weights in at a very light 9 ounces, and as far as warmth to weight ratio, you can’t beat Feathered Friends. It’s pretty clear I’m a fan.

The question with my sleep system is that I would like to drop a little more weight so I’m taking my Katabatic Flex 22 Quilt. I save a few ounces but lose 12 degrees of warmth, and it can get COLD in the Rockies. In order to address this, I’m taking my EOS Down Jacket instead of my Montbell Down Jacket which is not as warm. More to come on that…

My Colorado Trail Gear List can be downloaded below if you would like to see some more weight detail.

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